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Medical Care Options in our Neighborhood

Friday, June 2, 2017

There are a few nearby options for quick health care in our area. Some of our guests have found them useful but as always follow your own inclinations!

  • ZoomCare located in the Pearl on 13th Ave – Urgent Care

Just a 10 minute walk from the Hostel this is a cheap go to for many travelers with general ailments. They do same day appointments that you can book online choosing the time and location that is right for you. Their ultra modern feel and easy access health “menu” makes this an approachable spot to get those little things checked out.

  • Legacy Good Samaritan at 23rd and Lovejoy – Hospital and Emergency Room

“Good Sam'” has been in the area for decades. They are a large facility with numerous resources at their finger tips. Their have 24 hour emergency room is a comfort when you really need care now.

Always come to the desk if you need anything! We always want to know if someone is having a hard time and are happy to call you a cab or help you find the best medical facility for your needs. Take care of yourself while traveling so that you can enjoy all that Portland, and the world, has to offer!