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We recognize the importance of an ongoing commitment to environmental, socio-cultural, and economic responsibility. Since 1998, we have implemented policies and procedures to address waste reduction, reuse of goods, recycling, wastewater management, environmentally sensitive purchasing, energy efficiency, and other issues that affect the resources of our planet.

Our Sustainability Policy guides our efforts to tread lightly on the earth.

This is what we do:

Environmental Impacts:

  • Maintaining a recycling and composting program to prevent a minimum of 55% waste from entering the landfill annually.
  • Offering recycling services to all guests and employees to recycle all glass, plastic, aluminum, paper, and recycling batteries.
  • Using recycled ink in our printers while recycling all our printer ink cartridges.
  • Educational displays to increase awareness of recycling
  • Well trained staff to sort through recyclable and no recyclable items.
  • Using 100% recycled multipurpose paper
  • Post-consumer recycle toilet paper
  • Monitoring greenhouse emissions annually
  • Laundry machines, dryers, and automatic dishwashers are filled to capacity
  • Low flow faucets and shower heads to reduce water usage.
  • Environmentally sensitive cleaning supplies, detergent and soap.
  • CFL light bulbs.
  • Encourage all guests to use public transit
  • Carpooling is required for all staff retreats
  • Offering bike rental to all guests
  • Purchasing low Volatile Organic Compound content when purchasing new paint products
  • Using salvaged, recycled, or green building products and material for onsite construction

Socio-cultural Impacts:

  • Part of the worldwide Hostelling International network with a mission to “help all, especially the young, gain a greater understanding of the world and its people through hostelling.”
  • Working hard to create intercultural dialogue and responsible travel.
  • Providing a safe, clean, and affordable environment for travelers to interact.
  • Offering guided tours around Portland such as, 4T Hike, guided walking tours through historic neighborhoods, Brew pub tours, and First Thursday Art Walk
  • Offering weekly Summer Music in the Secret Garden
  • Celebrating American and International holidays at the hostel.
  • Since 1998, supporting the summer concert in two neighborhood parks.
  • 250 – 900 neighbors enjoy each of the six concerts and children activities offered.
  • Staff that participates in local neighborhood clean-ups.
  • Partnering with a community group to offer bike tours
  • Active participant on the Portland Parks and Recreation Summer Music in the Parks Committee

Economic impacts:

  • Over 34,000 travelers stay at the hostel every year.
  • Guests spend around $70 daily outside of lodging supporting the local community.
  • Provide a binder with all locally owned restaurants and businesses.
  • Offering staff an annual “neighborhood incentive” to promote local businesses, restaurants  coffee shops, and bars that are near the hostel
  • Display board promoting information on local events and things to do in Portland.
  • Hosts a number of free or low-cost activities that directly improve the bottom line of local businesses surrounding the hostel
  • Supporting local and regional businesses directly through purchasing supplies, goods and services
  • Promoting 3 nonprofit organizations and encouraging guests to add a donation upon check-in
  • Since 2009 the hostel has matched 100% of all donations at the end of each year
  • Total donations have ranged between $250 – $800 anually

This is what you can do!

Check out our Do No Harm Poster!

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