Northwest Portland Hostel

Centrally Located – in the Heart of Portland

What We Love About Portland

Portland has a wealth of vibrant nooks and neighborhood to experience and explore, all of them unique. In Portland, people hang out in coffee shops, buy organic food, ride bikes, visit the art galleries, enjoy the variety of brewpubs with generous happy hour menus, sell their books at Powell’s, eat at the food carts, hike in Forest Park, and attend events like the First or Last Thursday art festivals. Read about it below and check it out!

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Attractions and Museums»

Many of Portland’s attractions are within walking distance of the hostel or can easily be reached by bus, streetcar or MAX trains.  Here is a selection of our favorite attractions and museums. Continue reading »

Parks and Fountains»

Wherever you go in Portland, you are never far from a park. Portlanders love to weave open, green spaces into the urban landscape, and design their fountains for you to go in and cool off.  Continue reading »

Restaurants and Food Carts»

Here are a few of our many favorite places to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and late-night snacks. Choose between the traditional restaurant or join Portland’s maverick food cart scene and eat streetside! Continue reading »

Beer Culture»

Welcome to “Beervana” or the USA’s microbrew capital! Portland has more microbreweries per capita than any other American city. Several fabulous choices are within walking distance of our hostel. Continue reading »

Coffee Culture»

Perhaps it is our winter weather or the mentality of the natives, Portland is well know for its coffee culture. Yes, Starbucks started here in the Pacific Northwest, but since they went corporate, the locals prefer our locally owned coffee shops. Continue reading »

Night Life, Live Music and Movies»

Portland is famous for its live music scene and many bands call it their home. Here are a few of our favorite nightlife and live music venues and movie theaters. Continue reading »


Bike Culture»

Portland is the bicycle capital of the United States. Exploring the city by bike has nearly become a must-do for visitors. Beyond the many bike lanes and plenty of bike events, Portland’s friendly attitude towards biking has become part of its culture. Continue reading »


Portland has many neighborhoods, each with its own feel and vibe, like micro-communities inside the larger city. The historic Nob Hill/Northwest, the Pearl, Oldtown/Chinatown, and Downtown are all within walking distance from the hostel. Other areas worthwhile exploring are Alberta and Mississippi, Belmont and Hawthorne, Sellwood, and Multnomah Village. Continue reading »