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Zach webpageI’m from Wilmington North Carolina, a beach town two hours east of the capitol Raleigh on the east coast. After living there most of my life with some traveling in between I decided I wanted to move my base of operations and opted for the mountains of Oregon over the Appalachian mountains of NC. In March I got in touch with and was offered a volunteer position on a produce farm on a property located at the base of Mount Hood, packed my bags and was on my way! I now live a just a block from the hostel, and in my spare time I enjoy playing soccer (going to Timbers Games!), walking/exploring the city, listening to records/live music (there are always shows going on), hiking/camping, spontaneous travel, and enjoying one (or more) of Portland’s many many brew pubs, Lucky Labrador is my favorite.

What is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?

My favorite thing to do on rainy days in Portland, which happens all the time, is frequent a Portland brew establishment and enjoy a hearty pint of ale, or loiter in coffee shops writing bad poetry.

What is your next travel destination?

My next travel destination plans are a 6-9 month exploration of India, mostly of the North.

What is your favorite thing to do in Portland?

So far my favorite thing to do in the city has been to go to a soccer game, whether Timbers or Thorns, at Providence Park Stadium. The games are always intense and the Portland Army cheering section never stops from first whistle to last, as well as the Northwest rivalry match between Portland and Seattle that is up with the El’ Classico’s, and Manchester and Milan derby’s.

What is your favorite beer?

My Favorite beer would have to be The No Pity Pale from Lucky Labrador Brew Pub which is brewed in house and has a location here in the Neighborhood at 19th and Quimby.

What is a surprise fact for new comers?

Portlandia IS NOT a completely accurate show, although many of those types of people are around the city, the majority (sadly not most) of this skits are highly exaggerated.