Northwest Portland Hostel

Centrally Located – in the Heart of Portland


Welcome to Portland!  I was born in NY and grew up in Connecticut before being forcibly moved to Virginia at 14.  I graduated from the College of William and Mary before moving to NYC to pursue a life on the stage.  I moved to Portland so I could see the sky and green, green grass.  I’ve traveled in Ireland, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, Venezuela and would love to return to Angel Falls one more time.  I enjoy playing and watching sports and love watching Portland Shockwave kick butt.



Do you have any stories to share about food which you tried on your travels?

When I was in Ecuador, my sister and I were guests of honor at a baptism.  We ate cui.  A little hairy, but pretty much tastes like dark meat duck, cui is a guinea pig.  Later on that night at the party we chased around his little brother.


What’s your favorite brew pub in Portland?

My favorite brew pub (today) is Blue Moon, right down the street at the corner of Glisan and 21st.  I love the stuffed burger (how do they get all that in there?), the tater tots and and always get a Rubinator (they mix their Ruby Ale with the Terminator Stout – like an Arnold Palmer on crack).


What do you like about working at our hostel?

I like the people I work with the most – they make work fun!  I also like meeting different people from all over the world every day.


What are the best ways to embrace a rainy day in Portland?

Put on a raincoat, colorful rain boots and a hat and it’s like any other day.


What’s your favorite park in Portland?

Waterfront Park.  It’s all along the river.  Start on a Saturday at the Portland Saturday and Sunday Art Market (March-December) then wander south passing the Maritime Museum (it’s a quick fun tour!) and the Salmon Street fountain and Tom McCall Waterfront Park (don’t trip over a goose!) and then head up to the walkway by the marina, where you can pick up some ice cream or have a happy hour burger and fried at McCormick and Schmicks for $2.99!


What’s your favorite thing to say in another language?

Eu nao sei,
Eu nao quero saber,
e eu odeio quem sabe.