Northwest Portland Hostel

Centrally Located – in the Heart of Portland


Hey! I’m a west coast free spirit, I was born and raised in the Bay Area, CA and have lived in San Luis Obispo California, San Francisco California,  Mt. Shasta California, Seattle Washington and now here. Quite honestly Portland might be my favorite so far 🙂 Along the way I have worked at a couple other HI hostels and really enjoy being surrounded by different cultures and learning through people.

Most of my hobbies mostly include being outdoors, like : snowboarding, skateboarding, walking my dog, hiking to cool views, exercising, hanging with friends and traveling. Aside from the US I have traveled abroad several times and one of my favorite parts of traveling is trying different cuisines.

Life is full of mystery and adventures, it’s pretty exciting when you think you about it.


Do you have any stories to share about food which you tried on your travels?

When it comes to edible food if someone dares me, I can’t say no! I’ve had my share of strange appetizers, perhaps the best tasting strange snack was a scorpion while I was in China.


What are the best ways to embrace a rainy day in Portland?

Pretend it’s not raining, wear warm clothes and do everything you wanted to! Then come back and change into some dry clothes.


What it your favorite Portland beer?

As a fellow backpacker I prefer the cheap stuff. Rainer is affordable and tasty enough for me! Give it a try while your in the Pacific Northwest


What do you like about working at our hostel?

Meeting fun travelers like you! Also my coworkers and the friendly atmosphere


What is one of your most memorable travel experiences?

I traveled alone in SE Asia for 6 weeks and it was definitely the best time of my life. I gained a lot of confidence and learned about myself, others and the cultures around me.  I really want to go back and stay for a longer time period at some point. I recommend traveling alone if you are intrigued and have never done it before!