Northwest Portland Hostel

Centrally Located – in the Heart of Portland


Hey there!  I am an Oregonian, born and raised.  I grew up in Eugene, a small college town south of Portland.  I moved up here about 10 years ago, and I hope you enjoy your time here in the city I’ve grown to love.  I love traveling and second only to that, meeting people from around the world to share stories.  So, please come say hi!


What’s your favorite brew pub in Portland? 

Bushwhacker Cider and The Green Dragon.


What’s your favorite thing to say in another language?

Tu es la petite cornichone du mon sandwich.


Where can you get the best beer in Portland?

Bottles, Horse Brass, Belmont Station, Bushwhacker Cider.


What’s your favorite coffee shop in Portland?

Any place that serves Stumptown!


What is your favorite food cart?

Potato Champion on SE 12th and Hawthorne = Vegan Poutine!


What was your first major travel experience?  Why did you chose that place?

France.  I was very lucky and the trip was basically paid for by a friend’s family.  How could I say no to staying in a 13th century chateau in the south of France for free?!?


What’s your favorite park in Portland? 

Washington Park.


What do you like about working at our hostel?

The people, hands down!


What is one of your most memorable moments from a travel experience?

After a long hike up a volcano – Picia – in Guatemala, resting while the sun went down and sitting next to flowing lava.


What is your next travel destination and why?

Columbia, cause I’ve never been.