Northwest Portland Hostel

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Robert WebsiteHi and welcome to Portland! I’m originally from New Jersey, a small town about 45 minutes from the Lincoln tunnel (to Manhattan). I think i developed a love for the outdoors when i moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan for grad school. While in Michigan, I bought a folding sea kayak (I lived in an apartment) and was able to experience some of the beautiful rivers and lakes in Michigan. During that period, I took my sea kayak on a solitary trip down the 350 mile Noatic River in arctic Alaska. The arctic was memorable, 24 hours of sunlight, pristine wilderness, unpredictable weather, and i passed through 3 different mountain ranges. After Michigan, I moved to Washington, DC where i started a computer business, The Right Cliq. While running my business, I had the unique opportunity to experience and learn from many people of many walks of life and personalities. It was nearly perfect except it was difficult to take any vacation or travel time. After living in DC for 14 years, I decided to move to Portland for greener spaces, more nature, free time, and outdoorsy opportunities, and I was pleasantly surprised by Portland’s vibrant arts and music scene, down-to-earth friendly people, an amazing bookstore and library system, and the best public transportation system that I’ve seen. Of all the places I’ve been or lived, Portland seems to pull everything together, making the arts, nature, intellectualism, and community accessible for everyone. There’s even drinking water fountains every few blocks.

I’m excited to hear about your experiences, good or bad, so stop by and exchange stories if you have a moment!