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I was born and raised in Missouri, a true Mid-West girl. I had itchy feet and was ready to travel as soon as I could. I have moved quit a bit around the United States and had the opportunity to travel to Central and South America, as well as, the Netherlands. I had never been to Oregon before I moved to Portland, but I have no regrets! This place has been really good to me! There is no telling what the future holds!

Do you have any stories to share about food which you tried on your travels?

Guinea pig is a delicacy in Ecuador.  It is served whole with beans and rice usually.  I thought it was really boney and tasted a lot like rabbit.

What are the best ways to embrace a rainy day in Portland?

A good book and some awesome coffee from almost any coffee shop in Portland, or a good beer at a dive bar (with a good jukebox)!

What it your favorite Portland beer?

Anything sour from Cascade Brewing!

What might surprise a newcomer to Portland?

People are super friendly!  They go out of their way to stop for you if you’re crossing the street or riding your bike. They even offer to open doors.  They are almost too nice!

What is your next travel destination and why?

I hope Germany!  The people I have met from there are so amazing and it would be great to be surrounded by them in their own country.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Portland which you won’t find in a travel guide?

There are great parks in Portland.  There are also great disc golf courses in the parks.  It is free and fun!