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Hello travelers! I originally hail from the San Francisco Bay Area, although I spent much of my childhood playing in the mountains of Northern California. I have also spent some time living in New Zealand during a semester abroad. After recently graduating from University, with a degree in Anthropology, the move to Portland seemed like a logical next step for me. I am an outdoors person and have for a long time be in love with the green landscape of Oregon, the mountains and beaches, both of which are conveniently close to Portland. I highly recommend that on your stay you enjoy the great outdoors that Oregon has to offer. Although I hope to travel much more in my lifetime I am happy to call Portland my home for now.



What was your first major travel experience? Why did you choose that place?

My first experience traveling on my own was the classic backpack through Europe, the summer after high school. This trip taught me may lessons and peeked a travel bug that I am yet to shake.


What countries have you traveled to?

Most recently I have been to Australia and New Zealand while I studied abroad. I also took a class in Puerto Rico for a summer. Before that though I have been to Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Belize. During my trip to Europe I visited Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Germany, Belgium, England, Ireland, Luxembourg, France, Spain, and Switzerland.


What is your next travel destination and why?

Anywhere I am yet to have been. I would really like to go somewhere in South America so I could learn Spanish.


What are the best ways to embrace a rainy day in Portland?

Hot cup of something, blanket, and a good book. What else could you possibly need?


What’s your favorite brew pub in Portland?

The Lucky Lab on 19th and Quimby. They have an excellent Stumptown Porter and the Super Dog IPA is really good.


What’s quirky or unusual fact about you?

I have lived on both the northern and southern 45th parallel.