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Hi there! I’m just a Florida gal with some pretty serious mountain cravings. A few years ago I packed up and left home to work in Glacier National Park, and I have never been the same since.  Traveling around the states led me to Portland, a city that hopefully will catch your heart the way it caught mine.  I made sure I satisfied my cravings before putting down some roots, pumping out three grand road trips and a summer in Grand Teton National Park before I knew it was right to take some serious time in Portland. Even though I am rooted, I am so happy to be in a place where I can connect with fellow wanderers… so stop by the front desk and let’s connect!

What do you like about working at our hostel?

I work with such lovely people, and there is always a little inspiration hidden in each traveler’s story!


What was your first major travel experience? Why?

Glacier National Park was my first ticket to discovering who I am! I found people, landscapes, and lessons that will be with me forever. The decision was made on a whim, and like anything else it only took a choice!


If there is one thing you recommend to see or do in Portland, what would that be?

The Portland Saturday Market! (March to Christmas Eve)


What is one of your most memorable moments while traveling?

One night in New Orleans I walked into a random bar with my partner, not really knowing where we were. A man was urged to go up on stage because he was apparently a legendary harmonicist, but he was telling everyone he didn’t have a harmonica with him. I actually had one because I was trying to learn at the time, so I pulled it out of my bag and offered it to him. He got right up there and blew everyone away, on my harmonica. Everyone went wild. He really liked us, and invited us to watch him play on Frenchmen Street, where we danced to some of the greatest live music I’ve ever experienced in my life.