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Welcome! I’ve been operating hostels most of my life (see Our Story). I started this hostel in 1998 after seeing a need for more hostel beds in Portland. Born on the east coast in our smallest state, Rhode Island, I moved to my father’s homeland, the Pacific Northwest, when I was 15. With a degree in counseling from The Evergreen State College and training as a carpenter, what better credentials can one have to create and operate hostels. So here I am enjoying an incredible life! Some of the things I enjoy are traveling, hanging out with my staff and travelers, and playing soccer on our team.


Guten Tag! I visited Portland for the first time in 1998, the year we opened the hostel.  After spending six months in South Africa, and many trips within Europe, this was just another travel adventure. Little did I know, that I would call Portland and the hostel my home. After graduating from college, I moved here from Germany in 2002.  I love what Oregon has to offer: hiking along the Oregon Coast or in the Columbia River Gorge with its many waterfalls, skiing on Mt. Hood, biking around Portland, watching $3 movies at the Mission Theater, free concerts in parks all summer long, great local micro-brew beer, … I hope your experience in Portland and Oregon will be memorable, too!


Welcome to Portland!  I was born in NY and grew up in Connecticut before being forcibly moved to Virginia at 14.  I graduated from the College of William and Mary before moving to NYC to pursue a life on the stage.  I’ve traveled in Ireland, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, Venezuela and would love to return to…continue reading »



Welcome!  I was born and raised in Inverness, CA, but spent much of my twenties playing in a band and working in bars and restaurants in NYC.  I moved to Portland for the laid back pace and affordability and am having a great time exploring and learning all that Portland has to offer. I have lived in Kaneohe, HI and Taos, NM and…continue reading »

Mary Liz

I am a native of Brooklyn, NY, but after living there for eighteen years, I decided it was time to see what it’s like to exist in other places outside of New York City.  I’ve lived in small town Ohio where I earned a BA in Art History and Film Studies, and from there I decided to head further West. I lived in Seattle for a few years, but Portland kept calling…continue reading »


Greetings! Hello! I have lived in Portland for the past 20 years, most of my life. I love this town and learning about it from the perspective of people not from here. I think it is so interesting to hear about the place you are from through different eyes! Some things I love about Portland: really amazing food made with intention and great ingredients from cart-pods all over the city. I think it is really exciting that opening and operating a food service business is getting easier and easier for people to achieve without the huge (comparatively) financial stress of  continue reading »


I was born and raised in Missouri, a true Mid-West girl. I had itchy feet and was ready to travel as soon as I could. I have moved quit a bit around the United States and had the opportunity to travel to Central and South America, as well as, the Netherlands. I had never been to Oregon before I moved to Portland, but I have no regrets! This place has been really good to me! There is no telling what the future holds! …continue reading »



Hey there!  I am an Oregonian, born and raised.  I grew up in Eugene, a small college town south of Portland.  I moved up here about 10 years ago, and I hope you enjoy your time here in the city I’ve grown to love.  I love traveling and second only to that, meeting people from around the world to share stories.  So, please come say hi!….continue reading »


Kim webpageWelcome to the city of Roses!  I grew up in Oregon’s “wine country,” in the heart of  the Willamette Valley, in the town of Newberg.  At 15 I went seeking a faster paced life and after bouncing around a bit settled in Portland.  I have been here ever since.  I love Portland because it doesn’t feel like your typical city, there is a lot of nature and beautiful spaces throughout that provide a perfect balance to the the super urban parts.  I have a travel “bucket list” that includes, a gondola ride in Venice, and a trip to Egypt to see the pyramids, however I love it so much here in Portland that …continue reading »




Hello! I’m a Portland native, born and raised just a few blocks from Rose City Park. I traveled quite a bit after high school, mainly in Europe and Hawaii, and I lived in Chicago for a year, but Portland is always calling my name! I moved back eight years ago and finished my Bachelor’s at Portland State University. These days I consider myself a stay at home mom who works a few days a week at this really wonderful Hostel! I have lots of favorite Portland spots, for kids and adults, so stop me in the halls and say hi anytime!



Welcome to Portland!  I was born and raised in Honolulu, HI, after which I moved with some friends to Portland solely because it isn’t a (beautiful) speck in the middle of the ocean.  After my initial stint in PDX, I bounced up and down the west coast for a while until settling back here in mid-2016.  Since returning I’ve been active in the local music and art scenes and started pretending to enjoy hiking.  My goal is to one day enjoy hiking the same way I enjoy the other facets of this wonderful city… continue reading



Greetings from Portland! I grew up in a suburban city right between LA and San Diego until my family moved to a rural town in Iowa when I was 15. I finished high school there and graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Urban Planning and a love for cities and travel. After graduation I moved to Philadelphia for a couple years before living in San Diego for 8 months where I also worked at a hostel. I made my way to Portland in 2017 and have been loving it! I am lucky enough to have travelled throughout Latin America and Europe, studying abroad in Barcelona and Havana. In my spare timecontinue reading



Hey! I’m a west coast free spirit, I was born and raised in the Bay Area, CA and have lived in San Luis Obispo California, San Francisco California,  Mt. Shasta California, Seattle Washington and now here. Quite honestly Portland might be my favorite so far 🙂 Along the way I have worked at a couple other HI hostels and really enjoy being surrounded by different cultures and learning through people…  continue reading



Robert WebsiteHi and welcome to Portland! I’m originally from New Jersey, a small town about 45 minutes from the Lincoln tunnel (to Manhattan). I think i developed a love for the outdoors when i moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan for grad school. While in Michigan, I bought a folding sea kayak (I lived in an apartment) and was able to experience some of the beautiful rivers and lakes in Michigan. During that period, I took my sea kayak on a solitary trip down the 350 mile Noatic River in arctic Alaska. The arctic was memorable, 24 hours of sunlight, pristine wilderness, unpredictable weather, and i passed through 3 different … continue reading