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Introducing the Hostel Cafe year round Music Nights

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Since opening up the Hostel Cafe in the beginning of 2017 we have noticed that neighbors and travelers alike enjoy a space with cheap healthy food where one can both chill on a laptop or lunch with friends. Soon we will even bring sports game viewing (soccer!) to our cafe. With all of the new and amazing things the Hostel Cafe brings to the neighborhood and our guests, we wanted to bring just one more: free live music, year round.

For the past 9 seasons we have hosted summer music nights with touring and local featured artists and two open mic sessions. Due to space we have kept June-August as our active season. Over the years our music nights have been held in the Secret Garden and then eventually in our Courtyard; served local brews by local brewers, shifting eventually to Portland brews fresh off the cafe taps – and always kept those authentic German bratwurst!

Now with the new building comes new opportunity! No longer limited by space and location we are doing what we have hoped to do for years and expand our support of local musicians, bring free cultural events to our community, and share American music with travelers every week, for free.

For our year fall/winter/spring sessions we will forgo the excitement of an open mic and full bands in favor of the cozy intimacy of duos and single performers in our cafe. Have a lovely dinner and drinks with friends, bring your family for some neighborhood fun or have friends meet up to start a night out – we think that Hostel Cafe’s new music nights will be another great way to bridge the gap between local Portland community and the traveler community.

Looking forward to seeing you there!




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