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Rainy Day in PDX

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

This piece details one of our favorite rainy day itineraries!

We start out by grabbing a coffee at Barista. We love their location in the Pearl just a few blocks away on 13th and Glisan. Great pastries too. From there we walk up 13th Ave taking the raised sidewalks (a charming hold over from when the avenue gave access to industrial loading docks) to Powell’s books. In Powell’s we check out the Rose Room with it’s games located near the children’s and young adult’s book section. You can saunter over to the Orange Room with check out stands, journals, cook books and pretty useful items to bring home as gifts. We love taking the industrial elevator up to the Pearl Room to check out the rotating gallery pieces and the Blue Room for self published poetry and literature. After all that walking it is time to grab some real food!

Heading south up 10th Ave we run into the largest food cart pod in the city at SW 10th and SW Washington. There we love to run around and grab a few things from each cart to sample. Frank’s Noodle House with their hand pulled noodles is always a favorite. We don’t want to stand out in the rain though! Well, perhaps sometimes we might. Today however we are looking for a nice dry spot to eat our goods. Director park has a covered eating area that is perfect during moderate/mild weather. During rain and wind the awning might be a bit high to really protect us from the elements. If this is the case we walk down to one of Portland’s most iconic buildings: the US Bancorp Tower otherwise know as the Big Pink. This tower is home to offices and small public stores on the lower level, there we can head on in to their main entry floor and find some comfy chairs to sit in while chatting the meal away. If this spot is too busy we might find a better table up on the second floor which has a an open view of the floor below and lots of large and small tables to choose from.

Checking out local culture is one of our favorite things about traveling somewhere new so from lunch we walk out of the Big Pink to the MAX station right outside! Catch a train up to Jefferson St and walk over to SW Park Ave (9th), to check out the Oregon Historical Society (photo of their amazing exterior mural below). The Oregon Historical Society is open everyday until 5pm making this a great destination any day of the week. We can spend hours here reading articles, checking out historical periodicals, chatting with volunteers and staff while checking out their interesting and detailed displays.

Time to wind down! It’s easy to hop on the Street Car on 10th and Madison (one street north of Jefferson) back to the Pearl District. We hop off at Glisan and 10th to make our way up to Glisan St to 17th Ave and the historic Mission Theater – one of Portland’s many Brew-n-View theaters. Second run and old favorites decorate the schedule at this micro-brewery and restaurant. Here we can look forward to having some brews and pizza before heading one block back to the Hostel or up to 21st for some more late night fun!

Did you spend your day doing this! Please tell us what you thought!


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