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Sweetest Day of the Year

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Do you like cookies? Us too.

Each Valentine’s Day we make sugar cookies by the dozens, mix up bags of colored frosting, throw some sprinkles on the table and let the cookie decorating begin!

We don’t know much about St. Valentine – we know that he was associated with sympathy, and now, with love. The holiday is thought to be an observance of his passing, or perhaps a christianization of the pagan fertility festival Lupercalia. Each year christian churches host marriage-vow renewals, as well as special prayer services for those seeking a partner. There are religious dinners and feasts but more commonly we associate it with a more material holiday helped to popular fame y greeting card giants. The giving or making presents for loved ones, flowers, cards and tokens of affection iconize this holiday. It can be easy to lose track of what this holiday can mean for us.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that many look forward to, but it is also a difficult day for many. As with any holiday loneliness can be more acute and sadness can well up with ease. It is a good time, we think, to remember to be kind to one another, to hold tight to compassion, to sympathy, and to love. Consider writing a letter to a loved one, or visit an old folks home or animal shelter.

We hosted letter writing encouraging travelers and neighbors to write to someone they love – even if they don’t send it. To be brave and say something they have been wanting or needing to say. To give the gift of thoughtful words on Valentine’s Day.

After decorating and eating cookies and writing letters we let the evening wind down with a film showing in our main kitchen. More than anything we want people to be together today, and everyday, in love.

Shout out to Metropolitan Learning Center school kids who made us valentines and dropped them off! We love you! Thanks for being great neighbors! And thanks for all of you who came out on February 14th! And to all of you who helped perpetuate love this year.


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