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Snow Day in PDX

Saturday, January 7, 2017

With all the white flurries this winter we thought we should share some of our NW Portland favorites: what to do when it snows in the Rose City!

Sledding at Wallace Park:
We love to recycle here in Portland! That means that the Hostel and neighboring spots usually have a cardboard box or two that you can have for some impromptu sledding!

We recommend Chapman School / Wallace Park. In the fall this site is home to the largest migration of Vaux’s Swifts in the world! They roost in the chimney of the school. When the building was updated with modern amenities this chimney was left there just for them as a stop over on their way from Canada to South America. Chapman is also a great elementary school in NW Portland. On snow days in Portland, school is out! So go check out Wallace Park and Chapman School hill for some good ol’ snow day fun. #BoxSledding #ButWithActualBoxes…

Library and board games room at the Hostel:
One of our favorite things about traveling is meeting new people. The communal atmosphere of a hostel, finding friends, overcoming language barriers, having fun with someone you have never met before. You can spend time with someone new by grabbing a board game from our lower common room to break the ice! If what you want is some winter solo time, we have our Leave-A-Book-Take-A-Book Library, also located in the lower common room. Many a good, strange or funny book has been found there to help pass the time and spend a little quality alone time.

Tasty drinks:
With a number of grocery stores and breweries nearby you can take your pick of spots to visit. Though some places are closed when extreme weather hits many grocery stores are still open. Check out their bulk section for fun herbs to make into a tea or local beers to taste in out Secret Garden. Fred Meyer, Whole Foods, and New Seasons are the closest bulk herb providers but Trader Joe’s has many unique teas just right up the street!
If going out is more your style we recommend McMenammin’s Blue Moon on 21st and Glisan. Blue Moon has great beer, good pub food, 2 fire places, and a few good heated outdoor seating spots for smokers. Pool, shuffle board and a juke box complete the scene. Check them out!
We also love Rogue on 14th and Flanders. Their large space can accommodate even the biggest impromptu gatherings and they have unique sodas and beers on tap as well as their own distilled spirits!
Come early 2017 visit out soon-to-open Hostel Pub for some local brews and good times!

Craft some presents:
SCRAP right up the street has a TON of amazing craft supplies for SUPER cheap! Check them out for a fun indoor project during a snow day. Find interesting things you never thought to combine: yarn, paint, frames, tubes, paper, bottle caps; they have a ton of inspiring random items that you will fall in love with! Make something cute to mail back to a loved one! Which brings us to our next fave:

Letter writing home:
Get some scrap paper and a pen from the reception and write a letter to someone you love. They will love hearing from you as much as you could find putting pen to paper clarifying and introspective. Take a moment for that far away loved one, give them something to open beside bills! Domestic letter and postcard stamps as well and international stamps are available at the desk – or the Post Office right down the street!

If you have fun thoughts or ideas of things you did in Portland while it snowed PLEASE SHARE THEM!


(Pioneer Square at dusk)

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