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Portland Bridges

Friday, November 25, 2016

Portland has 11 Bridges, not including the Sauvie Island Bridge or either of the railroad bridges. That is a lot of bridges! These structures connect West Portland with East Portland

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBoT) lists them as follows:

St. Johns Bridge (1931) – U.s. Route 30/N Philadelphia Avenue
Fremont Bridge (1973) – Interstate 405
Broadway Bridge (1913) – Broadway
Steel Bridge (1912) – Pacific Highway West/former Oregon Route 99W
Burnside Bridge (1926) – Burnside Street
Morrison Bridge (1958) – Morrison Street
Hawthorne Bridge (1910) – Hawthorne Boulevard
Marquam Bridge (1966) – Interstate 5
Tilikum Crossing: Bridge of the People (2015) – MAX Orange Line, Portland Streetcar, TriMet busses, walking and biking
Ross Island Bridge (1922) – U.S. Route 26/Powell Boulevard
Sellwood Bridge (1925) – SE Tacoma Street

Our favorites are the Steel Bridge and the Hawthorne Bridge.

We love the Steel Bridge for it’s river-level crossing. This pedestrian/cyclist only walkway has a beautiful view of the water as you are right down there with it while crossing the Willamette River. This bridge connects you to the East side near the Moda Center where you can catch a Blazers game. It also connects you to the East Bank Esplanade where you can walk along the river on raised concrete sidewalks that lead into wooden boardwalks that float on the water. You get a great view of downtown.

Our other favorite, the Hawthorne Bridge, crosses the river right by OMSI – the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry connecting you to the southern tip of the East Bank Esplanade. With its wide sidewalks and specific lanes for cyclists and pedestrians this bridge give you a great view of the other bridges along the river. The Hawthorne also connects you right to Downtown Portland.

The Steel and the Hawthorne make a lovely loop around the Willamette River that we highly recommend for great views and a taste of riverside pdx.

Check out our last blog post for ways to rent a bike and bike those bridges that are bike friendly! Rain or shine it is always a blast!

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