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The How & Why of Sustainable Eating

Sunday, August 16, 2015

With the convenience of modern supermarkets, most of us put little thought into where and how our food is produced, yet eating in a more sustainable way is one of the most important things we can do to help our planet. After all, we humans have to eat every day, so why not focus on keeping our food habits sustainable, healthy, and delicious?

Portland is a fairly eco-conscious city, and has a number of restaurants that feature locally-produced, organic foods. Right in our neighborhood in Northwest Portland, we have Dick’s Kitchen, featuring locally-sourced grass finished burgers and other local ingredients; the Bent Brick, an upscale restaurant that uses the best locally-sourced foods in the northwest region; and for dessert, Salt & Straw ice cream starts with cream from a dairy right in Eugene, OR.

IMG_20141220_134721_346-goats in pasture

The best way to start on a sustainable food path is to begin at the top of the food chain with animal products. Choose local, pastured, humanely raised meats, eggs, and dairy. These products have the most impact because of bioaccumulation – a factory farmed animal has a much higher load of pesticides, herbicides, and hormones than a non-organically farmed vegetable. Factory farms also create considerable environmental damage through chemical and sewage runoff, so the next best thing to pasture-raised animal products is to forego them altogether and have a vegetarian meal.

This article has some more handy tips and information on how and why sustainable eating is a great idea for the planet and for your own health. Happy eating!


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