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Things to Know About Oregon’s New Marijuana Laws

Thursday, July 23, 2015

oregonmjWith the recent legalization of marijuana, many residents and Portland visitors have been quick to celebrate the new laws by lighting up! Here are some useful tips for navigating the rules and regulations surrounding this widely celebrated plant…

Where can I use marijuana?

Marijuana and marijuana use is expected to stay out of public places and public view. Your home or a friend’s house are permitted, but parks, public transportation, bars and restaurants are off limits. And though you own your car – if it’s out on public streets, even if you’re parked, you can’t use marijuana.

Renters will need to look over their lease agreements to see what their landlords’ rules are about smoking on the property.

I’m visiting friends in Oregon; do I need to be a resident to possess marijuana?

Any adult 21 and older can legally possess marijuana in Oregon.

How much can I legally have?

You can have 1 ounce of marijuana on your person in public or in your car. At home you can have up to:

– Four marijuana plants

– 8 ounces of dried marijuana flowers or leaves

– 16 ounces of marijuana in solid form, like edible products

– 72 ounces of marijuana in liquid form, such as oils

However, it doesn’t matter how many adults live at a residence. The list is for total amounts per household.

Which retail stores will have marijuana on the first day?

No retail stores will open on July 1. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission is still sorting out rules and has until January 4 to start accepting business licensing applications for growers, distributors and sellers. Sales could start as soon as October 1. The joint House-Senate committee is moving to possibly make retail pot available sooner through medical marijuana dispensaries.

So if I can’t buy marijuana, then where can I get it?

Marijuana can be given away, so if you know anyone who has a medical marijuana card, they can legally share buds, seeds or plants with you. A few events in Portland will handout seeds and samples.

Can I drive to Washington and bring marijuana back to Oregon?

Because marijuana possession is against federal law, it’s illegal to take marijuana across any state border even though recreational marijuana will be legal in Oregon and Washington.

Those are the basic facts – if you are interested in more information, this is a good place to start. And whatever you do, be safe!

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