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World Water Day is March 22nd

Saturday, March 21, 2015

World Water Day is tomorrow, March 22nd! 

As citizens of the world it is paramount that we conserve the earth’s resources and be respectful of our footprint on the earth – especially when traveling. 

In honor of World Water Day, here’s a few simple ways that you can save water while you’re traveling:

  • Re-use dishes and soak, don’t scrub: many plates and dishes don’t need a full wash to be re-used, and scrubbing hard-to-clean dishes under running water is a waste – so soak them straight after use for an easy and waste-free clean up
  • Switch taps off: brushing your teeth? Turn the tap off whilst you’re scrubbing
  • Save by sharing a load whilst washing clothes: if you need to use the washing machines, make sure you have a full load. If you’ve just got a few things to wash, buddy up to share the load
  • Reduce your average shower time: the average shower time is 8 minutes. Reduce your shower time to 5 minutes and save 23 litres of water. Sharing a shower is also a good move!

For more about World Water Day check out HI USA’s blog.

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