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Our top #3 rainy day hangouts

Thursday, November 13, 2014

After this very hot and dry summer we really deserve a little splash of refreshing water. If you guys think of refreshments right now…you’re wrong! Today we’re talking about what you guys can do when Portland is drowning in the rain.

Our staff has chosen our top 3 rainy day hangouts. These entertaining indoor activities won’t let dreary weather dampen anyone’s spirits.


#1: Powell’s

No trip to Portland would be complete without a trip to Powell’s City of Books. Even if you’re not a big reader, you’ll still have a great time visiting this colorful bookstore that occupies an entire city block. The fact that Powell’s offers maps to navigate the store should tell you something about the size of this place, which includes nine color-coded rooms organized by subject matter. Here is what our staff think:

Sarah: Powell’s!!! Because books are great!

Maggie: Powell’s!!!! No explanation needed!

Mike: Besides my apartment, my favorite rainy day hangout would have to be Powell’s. It’s far too easy to spend a whole day here. They have a small café, but if the hunger really strikes all you have to do is walk across the street and pick up some Sizzle Pie Pizza (My favorite pizza joint). Oh wait, did you also want to maybe see a movie with a nice pint of beer in hand? Just walk across the street again! Now you’re at The Living Room Theatre, where you sit at the bar until it’s time for the movie. How could any rainy day be better?


#2: Brew-and-View theaters

Portland’s beloved “brew ‘n’ view” theaters are serving up all different kinds of brews, food and flicks. Shows at these theaters cost less than $10, and some even run less for as little as $3 per movie. Check out what our staff said:

Julia: There is nothing better than having a beer and eating a slice of pizza while watching a movie for just 3 bucks. The Mission Theater, just one block from the hostel, is by far my favorite rainy day hangout!

Meghan: Portland’s Brew-and-View theaters are perfect places to hang out while it is raining. These places serve beer and food so that you can satisfy your palate while watching a new-release or indy-film, Cinema-21, Living Room Theater, and The Mission Theater are brew and view theaters in NW Portland.


#3: 23RD Avenue shopping, bars and cafés

NW 23rd has something for everyone: coffee, food, chocolate, small shopping boutiques for the ladies, and breweries the guys. Walking this famous Portland street is a great rainy day activity that starts with the best breakfast in town and ends with the best dinner. here is what our staff recommends:

Britta: Vivace Coffee House & Creperie! Housed in an old Victorian building on 23rd Avenue. Vivace offers Portland’s famous Stumptown coffee and the best crepes in town. Savory or sweet, you can’t go wrong! Cozy atmosphere, comfy chairs and free WiFi!


Stay warm and dry out there!

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