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Oktoberfest at Base Camp Brewing

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Today, the hostel took a group of guests and volunteers to Okto14 – Base Camp Brewery’s Oktoberfest. Everyone had a good time and we enjoyed family based games like hammerschlagen (hammer striking), cornhole and Toss-The-Ring. One of the highlights of the day was the Human Fussball Tournament, which was set up like a Weltmeisterschaft (World Cup). But even more fun than watching the teams compete with each other, was to watch the currywurst eating competition. Talk about some prime Kodak moments!  We were really lucky to have such a great weather (80 degrees!) and everyone enjoyed their wonderful Base Camp beers in the hot and bright afternoon sun. Definitely an event you should check out if you land in Portland next October!

Tom at Basecamp

Our volunteers take these events very seriously

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