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Thursday, August 28, 2014

On Tuesday night we closed our sixth Summer Music in the Secret Garden Series with a big bang. Brad Leftwich, one of the nation’s best fiddlers, and his wife Linda Higginbotham, famous for her banjo and ukulele talent, played together as a duo and enriched the Secret Garden with vivid old-time music.

Over the last 10 weeks we have had over 500 people joining us every Tuesday night for sizzling German brats, delicious veggie burgers and ice-cold beverages. After Kerrville New Folk award winner, Beth Wood, kicked off the Summer Music in the Secret Garden 2014 Series very successfully the numbers and the atmosphere kept rising. Our very own MC Andy Goncalves and Portland based singer/songwriter Sue Zalokar listed the record and drew over 70 people into our Secret Garden.

Not only did we invite professional musicians like Sky In The Road, Dan Weber, Anne Weiss or gypsy jazz sextet Gaucho to perform in our garden, as part of Open Mic we witnessed almost 80 talents. From locals to travelers, from the youngest of 5 years to the oldest of 82 years, from karate choreography to poetry slam – everyone was welcome! During Matt Meighan’s music sets we were able to listen to over 15 Open Mic participants, which included many of the Zigzag Song Campers like Kelly Bosworth, Anna Hoone and Avery Hill.

We are really happy how successful every single concert has been and also what great weather we had this season. It has definitely been a great summer with many hot summer nights and we would like to thank everyone who got drenched in sweat in order to make this happen. Our loyal volunteers Michelle, Tom G., Tom W., Abby, Faye, Mike and Mary have supported us at the grill. Dean and Michael have kept us hydrated and the MCs Andy and Paul provided us with an entertaining show. Thank you so much! Without your help this wouldn’t have been possible!

Here’s just a few pictures from this year’s season:

jim singing SG1 sg2

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