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The Simpsons predict the winners of the FIFA World Cup 2014!

Monday, June 23, 2014

simpsonIn one of the latest Simpsons episodes, entitled “You do not live like a referee,” the famous American family travels to Brazil to attend the World Cup and in true Simpsons fashion, Homer Simpson is quickly roped into being a referee in the games and the shenanigans begin.

The most interesting part of the episode to us is the show’s prediction that Brazil and Germany will fight it out this year in the final game of the World Cup.  It is yet to be seen what will happen in the real games, but the Simpsons seem to think that Germany will take it all, 2-0.  I am sure that many of our hostelers will be pleased with such an outcome, but we’re still rooting for team U-S-A!

The hostel will be leading special activities during the World Cup season. Please check our activities board at the front desk for more information.



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