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EAT: English at the Table

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Last spring, HI-Portland, Northwest partnered with Portland State University’s Intensive English Language Program (IELP) and created EAT: English at the Table, an evening of food and English conversation. Tonight, we hosted a new class of ESL students in IELP, Brandy, Masumi, Erin and Tad. Together, they cooked up a feast and fed 17 hungry hostellers, all the while practicing their English and interacting with travelers from around the globe.

The menu included three types of fried rice (ham, shrimp and vegetarian), Chinese egg drop soup, and homemade brownies topped with fresh banana. By the end of the meal, not a scrap of leftovers remained. The students were tired from cooking but energized from such a great response by our guests as they chatted in the kitchen and finished the evening relaxing in the Secret Garden.

Thanks to the students and their teacher, Phoebe, for hosting such a successful dinner. Can’t wait for the next group on November 20th!

Take a look at some photos from the evening here:

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