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Hostels As Educational Resources

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

If there is one thing we hope guests take away from their hostel experience it’s that hostels are more than just affordable accommodations. Sure, we attract budget travelers who don’t want to spend the bulk of their travel money on a place to sleep, but along with this affordability comes a unique opportunity for meaningful travel experiences that cannot be found in hotels.

By nature, hostels, with their shared kitchens and common spaces, encourage interaction amongst guests. Connections between travelers undoubtedly lead to the sharing of languages, perspectives and cultural traditions, and often the discovery of unexpected similarities between people from around the globe. As discussed in the recent SEEN Magazine article entitled Youth Hostels: The Educational Component, hostels are great resources for students, as both accommodations for groups and as local volunteer opportunities. The shared dorm rooms mean less separation among the group, and the communal kitchens allow everyone to cook together while meeting other travelers (saving money and fostering meaningful cross-cultural connections), and there are often free hostel-led activities available, like city tours and hikes.

Hostels can also be a helpful resource for students living in the area. At the Northwest Portland Hostel, we invite international students to volunteer at as Front Desk Assistants and Kitchen Connection hosts, giving them the opportunity to practice English, meet other international travelers, and gain experience at a workplace in the US.

If you are a teacher interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities for your students, please contact Tessah at If you would like more information about student group accommodations, send an email to

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