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Tea Time

Monday, June 11, 2012

One thing is certain. There is no beverage shortage in Portland.

Nestled between the multitude of microbreweries and coffee shops lies a sprinkling of specialty tea shops, ranging from traditional Chinese tea houses to trendy tea room-bar blends.

In Northwest Portland alone, the tea enthusiast can find at least four specialty tea shops, plus a variety of cafes with an generous selection of tea in addition to coffee.

Located on NW 23rd Avenue in the upstairs of a charming old house is Tea Chai Té. This locally owned tea room offers over 120 handcrafted tea blends, including (but definitely not limited to) chais, matés, medicinal teas, and housemade kombucha, plus bakery items and small lunch items, free wifi, games, cozy couches and chairs, and a small balcony overlooking the bustling street.

Further north is Smith Teamakers, a small tea shop with handpicked, high quality teas from around the world. The prices are reasonable, the shop is elegant, and the tea is some of the finest around. Smith Teamakers is not to be missed by tea lovers visiting Portland.

In the heart of the Pearl District lives Tea Zone and Camellia Lounge, a tea room, brunch/lunch bistro, and live music hotspot all rolled into one. This place caters to all tastes, ages and interests. From the bubble tea and vegan fare to the great happy hour menu and live music almost nightly, there’s bound to be something for everyone in the group.

Walk east toward the river and you’ll find Red Robe Tea House, a welcoming shop with a great selection of traditional Chinese teas, reasonably priced food, and a little taste of authentic Chinese tea culture in Portland’s Old Town.

Check out Yelp for more unique tea rooms in other Portland neighborhoods.

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