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Spaces to Gather- Portland’s Public Parks

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

One of the most unique and desirable qualities of a hostel is the communal space in which you meet other guests. Kitchens, common areas, gardens, and dorm rooms provide ideal spaces for travelers to meet and get to know each other. Most hotels and motels don’t allow for the same interactions and shared experiences, simply because of their lack of communal atmosphere. Those who love hostels know that making friends on the road is an invaluable benefit to traveling, and hostel common spaces help facilitate these new relationships being formed between people from around the world.

Similar to hostels, cities attract a people from all backgrounds and cultures, bringing them together in a variety of ways and places. From bars and restaurants, to parks and public squares, cities like Portland foster a natural desire for social interaction. It has been said (and blogged about) many times that Portland has great bars and restaurants, but now that spring is in full swing and we no longer have to stay warm with winter ales, let’s take a moment to admire the beautiful public parks and squares this city has to offer.

Forest Park and Washington Park are the largest parks in Portland, but let’s leave those out for this blog post and focus on the smaller parks and gathering spaces around the city. Not your typical green, city park is Director Park, with its modern glass roof to block the rain but not the sunlight, fountain and wading pool, and giant chess games. This square also hosts a variety of events, like poetry readings and Shakespeare plays. Grab lunch from the food carts just three blocks away and enjoy your meal on the steps.

Next we head toward the Portland Art Museum to the South Park Blocks. Home to Portland State University and the Saturday Farmers Market.

From the South Park Blocks, we stroll into the city center–Pioneer Courthouse Square. With its red brick steps, mini-amphitheater, and food trucks, it’s the ideal meeting spot and people-watching haven. Follow the link for their many events, including public speakers, free movies and concerts, beer and food festivals, and more!

From Pioneer Square, we move east to the waterfront. A faint smell of doughnuts wafts through the air and we realize Voodoo Doughnut is just around the corner! What better place to enjoy your coffee and doughnuts that these lovely picnic tables?

One block further east and we’ve reached the Willamette river, lined to the west by Tom McCall Waterfront Park, and ideal location to walk, jog, bike, read, nap, play in the fountain, munch on a picnic lunch from the nearby food carts, or just relax in the shade. On Saturdays and Sundays, be sure to check out Portland’s famous Saturday Market.

These are only a few of Portland’s renowned public spaces. For more ideas on where to hang out, meet the locals, enjoy that new book from Powell’s, or a tasty vegan treat, check out the Portland Parks and Recreation website.

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