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Indie Travel Meetup

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Last week, the Northwest Portland Hostel hosted the April Indie Travel Meetup for Portlanders who love to travel, love to talk about travel, and love to dream about planning their next big trips.

Each month, BootsnAll Travel hosts meetup events for the travel local travel community to gather together and share ideas, tips, and the general love of round the world adventure. The locations vary, and in April, they came to the hostel.

The previous blog post was about our Beer and Food Pairing Event with Tomas, coupling infamous northwest beer flavors with a sampling of foods. For the indie meetup, we once again called upon Tomas and his master craft beer skills, and he brought a delicious array of home brewed beers. Under the lights in the Secret Garden, the locals and hostellers gathered to chat and enjoy Tomas’s presentation.

The pairings went like this:

Kolsch with cheese wontons from Luc Lac
IPA with pizza from Escape from New York
Rauchbier with smoked salmon lox from Kornblatt’s Deli
Stout with chocolate cupcakes from Saint Cupcake
Boysenberry Lambic with brie cheese
The Kolsch and IPA pairings were the most popular (who doesn’t love beer and cheesy finger food?), but each set offered a unique flavor experience.
Check out the photos!

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