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Northwest Beer and Food Pairing

Saturday, April 14, 2012

It’s no secret that Portland is home to great beer, in fact, we have more microbreweries per capita than any other US city. For some Portlanders, brewing beer is their career, but for many, it’s a passion and a hobby. It’s hard to flip through the Willamette Week or Portland Mercury without stumbling upon a new beer-centric meet-up group, tasting event, home brew class, or beer festival (and we’re not complaining!).


Inspired by a sincere desire from our guests to learn about what makes Northwest beers so unique, our volunteer April and her husband Tomas (a craft brewer by trade) decided to host a beer and food pairing event. Their hope was to shine a light on the rich beer culture in Portland, teach a mini-lesson about the different varieties of Northwest beer, share flavor combinations, and of course, hand out samples.


The inaugural event took place March 26th in the hostel’s main kitchen. Tomas brought varieties of the IPA (Inda Pale Ale). This beer is very dark and hoppy, but rich in flavor. In 1984, Bridgeport was the first Portland brewery to start brewing IPAs.

The beer/food pairing went like this:

1. Sierra Nevada Torpedo (IPA) served with local old and young sharp cheddar cheese.

2. Total Domination (IPA) also with cheddar and flank steak, served on a salt stone with ground pepper.

3. Hop Rod Rye (IPA)

4. Widmers Brothers Spiced IPA with dark chocolate.


Check out the photos below! Special thanks to Tomas and April for putting this together, and to Kathrin and Laura documenting the event.


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