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Earth Hour 2012

Saturday, April 7, 2012

It has been a busy Spring so far! Jim, Britta and Maja traveled to South Africa and Namibia (photos to come!), new activities at the hostel, and an awesome Volunteer Appreciation Event to honor our hardworking volunteers.

March 31st was Earth Hour 2012, a project that was started by WWF- Austraila in 2007. Once a year, for one hour, people across the globe unite by turning out the lights and showing their commitment to a worldwide sustainable future. Similar to last year, we turned out the lights in the Elliston building and lit candles to light the rooms and hallways.

For more info on Earth Hour, visit their website here.

Our hostel is environmentally friendly all year round, with a variety of green practices and materials, and with Earth Day coming up on April 22nd, we want to spread the word about the importance of sustainability while traveling! There will always be some footprint left when adventuring around the globe, but hostelling is a great way to decrease the size of your personal impact on the planet. Shared spaces mean less energy consumed overall, and with the extra help of low-flow toilets, compact fluorescent lightbulbs, no TVs or mini-fridges running in each room, and many more green features, staying in hostels is a environmentally-friendly way to travel!

Here are some photos of Earth Hour 2012 at our hostel. Thanks to Kathrin the photographer!

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