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Welcome Kathrin and Laura!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Meet Kathrin and Laura! Kathrin is our new intern from Germany, and Laura is a traveler who is visiting Portland and helping out at the hostel.

I am from the West part of Germany ( Northrhine-Westfalia ) and I live in an area called ” Sauerland “, which is very famous for its winter sports and tourism ( we have a bobsled run and a ski jump nearby ).

My internship provider in Europe gave me the hint of the job at Northwest Portland Hostel. As I was before in Portland  (in 2008 and 2009) I was very happy to got this internship. My first impression of Portland was very good, I like the atmosphere and the people. At my first stay here I thought “if I had to choose one town in the U.S to live than it would be Portland”.
I love the Saturday Market ( which is even on Sundays ), where they offer a lot of local and homemade stuff like pottery, jewlery, clothes etc. You can sit at the river and watch the people or one of the many artists while eating something from the wide selection of food.

Of course I like to hang around with my friends and go out dancing or just sitting in a nice bar/pub. I love books ( that is why I can recommend “Powell’s Books” in Portland, which is the biggest independent book store in the USA ).  If the sun is shining I like to sit outside in the park or on the porch, making barbecue.

I want to visit the zoo and Mount Hood when it gets warmer,  a trip to Seattle would be very nice too, I  even want to see the ocean and the beach. Because we are in the wild, wild West I would even like to try a horseback riding trip, like the Cowboys did. There are so many things I would like to do, but it would blow the frame to count them all.

As I have already been to some states of the U.S ( for example California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Washington, Idaho, the New England States and New York ) I would like to see the States where I have not been before.
I am very interested to see the South states, like Mississippi or Georgia.
In 2008 I visited the Grand Canyon National Park, which was very impressive, so I hope I can travel there again.





My name is Laura and I am from Germany. I am living in the northern part called Lower Saxony near the city Hannover. I have already been to Portland two times earlier. In 2006 for two weeks as a school trip with my high school and in 2008 to spent my summer vacation in Portland. And now I am here again to do volunteer work, meet new people from different countries and improve my English before starting university in Germany.

I really like Portland for being such a nice and welcoming city. The most impressive thing I recognized was in 2006: Every car stops when you cross the street. That is very uncommon for me, but I really like it! Another great thing for me is Portland’s Free Rail Zone. There is nothing comparable in Germany. And I think I will definitely use it to go to one of my favorite places in Portland. The Saturday Market. I like to go there, hanging around, catch sun and get something to eat of one of these nice Foodcarts. Another place I really like is Powell’s Bookstore at a typical rainy day in Portland. Just going around the different rooms and through the mass of bookshelves. I can do it for hours.

In Germany I really like to play team handball with my friends. I am doing it now for 16 years and I still love it. I like to hang out with my friends and do cooking together, most of the time Mediterranean food. At the evenings I enjoy watching movies or TV series, like the crime series NCIS.

During my time in Portland I would like to see as much of the city as possible, also the hidden places where no normal tourist would go. The most important thing for me to see is the Rose Garden in summer. I haven’t been there during my last visits to Portland and when I went there last week, I had a great view on Portland and Mount Hood, but at this time, no rose is flowering.

While I am here in the US, I would like to go to Seattle and see this city I only know from the movie “Sleepless in Seattle”.  I think other places I will visit will come up by the time.



Welcome Kathrin and Laura! We are excited to have you both join our hostel team!

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