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World Storytelling Day

Friday, March 23, 2012

March 20th, 2012 was World Storytelling Day.

We decided to ask some guests to write down anything they considered a travel story. Here are a few entries:
We saw old-school bluegrass and sipped on delicious Terminator Stout.
Lounged at the Mission Theater and explored Powell’s Bookstore
Had coffee at World Cup and enjoyed the artwork on the walls
Also enjoyed the presence of international guests at the hostel, sharing stories with others.

-Alan and Katy. Chico, California.

Recently, I was invited to a hidden town. A town that was built in North America. This place was made up of those who had given up on modern society and government. The town itself was built in areas with no satellite availability and no modern services. The town flourished and had everything one could need. They are opposed to outsiders and I was only allowed in because of an invite from the local barkeep. I stayed for one week and hid from the world. This place I speak of is called The Astral Mountain.

– Anonymous

My West Coast Adventure
San Francisco
Death Valley
London Bridge
Palm Springs
Laguna Beach
Los Angeles
San Rafael
San Francisco
Portland again 🙂

– Anonymous

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