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Happy Valentine’s Day! Celebrating Love From Afar…

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Often, one of the hardest parts about traveling is being away from the ones you love.

This sentiment was expressed by a guest on Skype with his girlfriend in the hostel common area last night. He was showing her the cookie he had decorated, with their initials S & R in a red and white icing, and said, “I wish I could just teleport home for, like, one day!”

There are certainly mixed feelings surrounding Valentine’s Day, but why not spread a little love in the form of cookies? This year, we decided to host a cookie decorating party in honor of this sugary sweet holiday. Whether you are a fan of Valentine’s Day or not, we know at least you’ll enjoy the homemade treats.

We gathered the cookie cutters (big hearts, small hearts, Xs, and Os), mixed the sugar cookie dough, spread out the icing, sprinkles, and bowls of candy, and went to work. Some guests made construction paper hearts to go with their cookies. One guest in particular made his paper heart to carry around to the pubs, hoping to spot a nice looking girl. He figured if he already had a valentine ready in his pocket, it would boost his odds of getting her attention.


Another guest wrote “I love you” in as many languages as he could come up with without Googling it, which was approximately six (he needed spelling help, but that doesn’t count).

I love you

Je t’aime

Te amo

Ich liebe dich

Ti amo


In how many languages can you say “I love you”?

Happy Valentine’s Day, from the HI-Northwest Portland Hostel!

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