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Why Buy New? Our Guide to Thrifty Shopping

Monday, December 5, 2011

There are multiple arguments for buying clothes second hand. 1.  It’s cheaper. 2. The clothes are pre-washed, thus guaranteed to still fit after you take them home. 3. You aren’t contributing to more “stuff” filling the world, just re-using what’s already out there, and 4. Fashion recycles itself, right? So technically  nothing ever goes completely out of style.

Luckily, Portland has over 50 second-hand shops for your thrifty shopping needs. Whether you’ve just arrived in Portland and need to pick up a plaid flannel (staple pdx garb) or are heading to a Big Lebowski-themed birthday party and are missing an oversize bathrobe or bowling team uniform, a thrift store is bound to be just around the corner.

photo by Matt Houlemard

For your convenience, the shops are organized by location. Let’s start near the hostel in the Northwest neighborhood.


William Temple House Thrift Store NW 22nd and Glisan Street

This is closest second-hand shop to the hostel and also happens to be one of the best. It’s nothing glamorous, but generally has amazing deals, as well as a great selection of jewelry and miscellaneous household items. Best of all, sales go to support William Temple House’s mental health counseling and emergency social services to individuals and families in need.

What’s Upstairs? NW 23rd and Johnson

Definitely more high-end merchandise than William Temple house, with a large collection of designer clothes, bags and accessories. Even with the barely used couture goods, the prices are fair.

Pop-Up Shoppe NW 23rd and Lovejoy

It’s easy to walk by this shop a hundred times without noticing it, but once you do, it is impossible to get in and out in under an hour. This basement space is crammed with antiques, vintage apparel and accessories, classic old toys, trinkets you’d expect to find in your Grandparents’ house, jewelry, and much much more. It seems unorganized and cluttered, but digging around is part of the fun.

Goodwill NW 22nd and Burnside

Most people are familiar with this thrift store chain. Nothing fancy, but you can always find something good!



Buffalo Exchange SW 10th and Burnside

Conveniently located just across Burnside street from Powell’s Bookstore, this shop has a great selection of the newest trends and styles for men and women. It isn’t necessarily cheap, but you can get great deals on things like designer jeans, shoes, and jackets.

Magpie SW 9th and Washington

Huge selection of vintage clothes, jewelry, purses, shoes, sunglasses, and costumes. Everything from Grace Kelly gowns to wild west cowboy boots, and it’s all in great condition.



Buffalo Exchange SE 37th and Hawthorne

Larger version of the shop on 10th and Burnside in downtown.

Crossroads Trading Co.  SE 37th and Hawthorne

Similar feel to Buffalo Exchange, with trendy, hip clothes, but with better. Friendly, helpful staff, laid back atmosphere, and a great selection of men’s and women’s clothing. One of the best consignment shops in Portland.

Red Light Clothing Exchange  SE 36th and Hawthorne

Huge store with a huge selection of recycled clothing, both modern and retro, plus fun extras like vintage bathing suits, top hats, scarves, and a whole sections of funky vests. Give yourself time to get through it all!



Rock n Rose 6th and E. Burnside

A vintage consignment shop with both new and used clothing for men and women. Great shoes and boots, sunglasses, and sweaters, plus a selection of locally-made jewelry, greeting cards, and graphic tees. Make sure to check out the sale rack out front for extra good deals.

Modo Boutique 7th and E. Burnside

A very small store that isn’t overwhelming like many other second-hand shops. Even thought the selection is limited, it is all high quality. Definitely a spot worth checking out!



Rerun 707 NE Fremont St.

Amazing selection of clothing, household goods, furniture and much, much, MUCH more. It’s nearly impossible to leave without buying something, especially because the prices are great and it’s just too fun to keep looking around. Everyone’s favorite (not-so-secret) best kept secret in Portland.





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