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What Makes a Hostel Unique?

Monday, July 25, 2011

What is a hostel? Our front desk staff is often asked this question by travelers unfamiliar yet curious about the hostel experience. To really understand what makes a hostel stay unique, it is crucial to visit one yourself, but here is a taste of how the hostel culture defines travel in a whole new way.

A memorable adventure is composed of everyone you meet on the road,   every hidden spot you stumble upon, each distinct flavor you taste, and many more unique experiences that contrast from daily life at home. From guidebooks to locals to other travelers, there is a variety of ways to discover a new place, and a hostel is bursting with each of these resources.  Our common areas are filled with maps, local guides, brochures and periodicals to provide information for all interests, and the front desk staff are friendly, knowledgeable and ready to answer your questions.

One of the most unique aspects of a hostel lies in the community of travelers. From around the world, guests gather to share travel experiences and stories from home. In any given moment, a diversity of languages is being spoken and cultures being shared. This is what makes the hostel experience stand out than that of a hotel or resort—the familiarity, the informal interactions between people of all cultures, and the global understanding that develops from these relationships.


Another important aspect of hostelling is the affordability. For a fraction of the price of a hotel, you have safe, comfortable accommodations equipped with kitchens to cook, free group activities and common lounge areas. The money saved can be put toward eating, drinking, live music, local attractions, and everything else you want to do while visiting a new place. As a member of Hostelling International, you also receive discounts at many local businesses. Can’t beat that!


Think of a hostel as your home away from home—a place of comfort and community, wherein you will find new ideas, travel companions, and meaningful relationships.

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