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Pedalpalooza: The Ultimate Event for Bike Fun

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In addition to making smooth, hoppy microbrews and putting birds on things, Portland is really great at cultivating a thriving bike culture. With bike shops on every corner and a city planning committee that, in the past, put building bike lanes at a higher priority than fixing the sewage system, it’s safe to say that Portlanders, simply, love bikes.

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Along with this love of bikes comes a love of costume parties, themed events, and anything out of the ordinary (see the Urban Iditarod as another example). Thus Pedalpalooza was created.

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For over two weeks every summer, the organization SHIFT puts on the ultimate event for bike enthusiasts. This year, there are over 234 different events from June 9th through June 26th, a majority of which includes a visit to local restaurants, bars, and other businesses around Portland.  For example, on June 10th at 7pm, you can join the Prince v. Bowie event, a costume ride that stops frequently to dance to the best 80s tunes.

Saturday, June 18th is the World Naked Bike Ride. Over ten thousand people are expected to participate in this clothing-optional ride through downtown Portland, finishing the night at one of the many afterparties.

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Other events include Karaoke 2 Karaoke, Unicycle Basketball, Gaga v. Madonna, Breakfast on the Bridges, Find that Dino!, and many more.

We are fortunate at the NW Portland Hostel to be included in this fantastic event. On Wednesday, June 15th, Pedalpalooza is hosting “Simpsons Streets and Alphabet Soup”, an evening of trivia and interesting history of the Northwest neighborhood and its pop culture references. The bike tour will stop at the hostel to watch an episode of the Simpsons and meet some travelers!

For more information on Pedalpalooza and how to participate, visit their website and their Facebook page.

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