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Bye Bye NW Portland Hostel…Hello World!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Today, I’m saying good-bye to the NW Portland Hostel and the hostel blog. I was interning here from October 2010 to March 2011. The internship covered working shifts at the front desk, activity/event coordination, and for the most part web design, social media, and marketing. We were working on the brand new website (check back soon to see it!). I hope you like it.

I’m from Germany and after graduating from the University of Stuttgart, I came to Portland in March 2010 for another internship and decided to stay longer after already a short time. Portland is a great place to be. People are friendly and open-minded. The spirit of the 90s is still here (watch ‘Portlandia’). I was riding a bike the whole summer and met lots of people of the so called bike community which made me go to bike events like Pedalpalooza or the World Naked Bike Ride (you don’t have to be completely naked 🙂 ). I really appreciate all the good food and beer Portland has to offer. I don’t know how to survive without Hummus anymore. The diversity of neighborhoods, local shops, and nature of people in Portland is unique.

If you have the chance, visit Portland, Oregon. Here are some things you should do, they will make your day:
Line up at Voodoo Doughnuts, buy a book at Powell’s, hang out in a local coffee shop (my favorite: Vivace), go on Pedalpalooza rides in summer and the World Naked Bike Ride, go to the Last Thursday, see local bands, make a brew pub crawl (my favorite: Bridgeport), try food carts (I have too many favorites 🙂 ) and restaurants with their special creations. Explore this fabulous and outstanding city. I can’t stop raving about Portland. I had a really good time here and it never became boring. I fell in love with this city.

I like traveling and living in different places. Being surrounded by travelers and hearing their stories always made me feel a bit like traveling on the one hand and inspired me on the other hand. I will never forget a guy who stayed with us for some days, he was from Australia and when he arrived in Portland he was already traveling for 9 month on his own. He had amazing stories to tell. I really enjoyed my time at the hostel. I like the happenings there like dinners at the hostel, you always meet nice people, and when summer starts, there will be music in the secret garden every Tuesday. It’s always a good atmosphere there and it feels like home.
That all couldn’t have been so great without some really special people…therefore:
Thanks Britta and Jim for letting me do an internship at your hostel and guesthouse. Thanks Britta for all I have learned and the great team work. Thanks Tracy and Torello for training me to work at the front desk, and a special thanks to Tracy for training me in ASSD :-). Thanks Tessah for making activity coordination so much fun. Thanks Abby, Alicia, Catherine, Kate, Mary Liz, Nathan, and Rachel for being so great and fun colleagues. You all made my time at the hostel very special and I will miss each one of you!

I hope that my blog posts gave you an idea about how living in Portland feels and that you guys have the chance to visit Portland and make all the great experiences I made. Stop at our hostel!

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