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Stumptown….or why there are 100s of coffee shops in Portland

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Coffee Culture in Portland

Portland is well known for its coffee culture. You might think about Starbucks now, yes, it started here in the Pacific Northwest, but since they went corporate, the locals prefer our locally owned coffee shops. You’ll find them in every neighborhood.

Every coffee shop has its special atmosphere. Some are chic and elegant, some are alternative, some have all kinds of games to play, some are actually galleries, some have a whole bunch of vinyl to listen to…all of them have their special, unique atmosphere…well, all of them are typical Portland and you will find a lot of bikes parked in front of them and nice people sitting inside to hang out with.

As the TV show ‘Portlandia’ already showed, people in Portland hang out in coffee shops, work from there or do whatever. The local coffee shop is our living room. It’s like back in the 90s.

Our hostel is surrounded by cozy coffee shops and gourmet coffee. World Cup Coffee is right across the street. They actually roast their own beans right on site. You can sometimes smell the aroma from the hostel! They usually have a stack of daily papers from the local Oregonian to the NY Times sitting on the counter near the door for your reading pleasure. If you prefer, sink into one of their cozy chairs with your laptop or your favorite book. They’ve got yummy baked goodies, sandwiches, and decadent desserts, too. Receive a 10% discount when you show your HI-membership card.
By the way, we serve World Cup Coffee at our hostel too.
Check out the map, dedicated to our coffee culture in the neighborhood. It shows our favorite coffee shops such as Vivace, Backspace, Coffee House Northwest, Barista or Anna Banana.

View Northwest Coffee Shops in a larger map

Portland’s east side has also some great coffee places which are worth to check out like the Pied Cow Coffee House on SE Belmont or the Record Room on NE Killingsworth.

Quite a few of the coffee shops serve a local roasted coffee called <strong>Stumptown</strong>. Yes, that’s why one of Portland’s nicknames is Stumptown! They also have a few of their own coffee shops. The closest to our hostel is next to ACE hotel on SW10th and Stark.

Going to the coffee shop is not just having coffee. It always feels special and we really appreciate living in a city which offers such a variety of coffee shops. So, when you visit Portland don’t miss hanging out in a coffee shop and trying some of their sweet treats (a lot of them are also available vegan)! Come up to the front desk and ask us for more recommendations!

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