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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Staff Picks: Mary Liz’s favorite Vegan Spots

Before I moved to Portland, I didn’t know a lot about living vegan, but one of the reasons why Portland is so great, is that it offers so many options to try delicious vegan food and talk to people who really live vegan. But what actually is vegan? It means not to eat animal or dairy products. Vegans eat  fruit, vegetables, nuts, grains, soy etc. The vegan label does not just apply to food, but also other aspects of consumerism, like clothing (ie: not purchasing leather).

One of my colleagues really inspired me with trying the vegan way of life: Mary Liz. She has been living vegan for about 18 months now – starting shortly after she moved to Portland, and is an expert for vegan hot spots in our city. Everyone has different reasons to live vegan. Mary Liz, personally, is vegan for the welfare of animals, not for health. “Although, there are multiple reasons to go vegan; by avoiding factory farms, you’re not only helping animals, but you’re also helping yourself and the environment.  I think a lot of people are in denial or choose to ignore a lot about the way food is manufactured and produced
in this country. But I don’t like to place my
beliefs on other people.”, says Mary Liz.

Portland definitely has a large vegan community. But why Mary Liz? “In general, I would say that Portland is full of conscience consumers who care about the ethics behind what they’re supporting and the food they eat. Regardless of whether or not people are vegan, there’s definitely a lot of campaigning to buy local”.

Where are the best spots for delicious vegan food in our neighborhood?
“Portland is incredibly vegan-friendly, so most spots will have options. Down in the Pearl, there’s an all vegan place called Prasad that’s pretty healthy and has awesome smoothies. Laughing Planet on 21st also has a bunch of all vegan burritos”.

Where else should our guests go in Portland to taste more?
“Alberta St has, in my opinion, the best vegan bakery ever, Dovetail! Sizzle Pie over on East Burnside has delicious vegan pizza.  Backspace down in Old Town  has a menu where almost everything can be made vegan.  Saint Cupcake has some vegan cupcake options.  Oh, and don’t forget that Voodoo Donuts has some awesome vegan donuts”.

Of course, there are also vegan food carts in our multifarious city like the Whole Bowl in the Pearl District, just six blocks from the hostel. Where else would you go Mary Liz?
“DC Vegetarian downtown has awesome sandwiches, Flavor Spot down by the Saturday Market has a vegan sausage maple waffle, and Native Bowl on Mississippi has all vegan rice bowls.”

Check out the vegan places in Portland and meet Mary Liz there!

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