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Meet Lauren

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lauren has been volunteering for the hostel since summer 2010. She leads pub crawls, hosts spaghetti dinners at the hostel (aka Kitchen Connections), and takes hostellers to seasonal events like Zoo Lights. She’s from Portland and knows where to find the best microbrew and happy hour, where to go for good music and vibrant nightlife, and what travellers should see and experience in our great city. After visiting other cities, Portland is her favorite. “Not only are the people some of the friendliest you will ever meet, but the city itself has this positive energy about it and makes you feel instantly at home. There is so much to do and see in Portland you will never get bored, just walk the streets of downtown and you are bound to see something interesting!”

Lauren’s favorite hostel event is leading pub crawls. “What can be better than meeting new friends from all over the world and sharing a great microbrew with them?” She has a soft spot for hostels after traveling a bit by herself in Australia and meeting such amazing people. “When I came home to Portland I wanted to add to that experience by being on the other end of the adventures of traveling by showing Portland off to people who have never been here. Its such a great feeling to be able to pass on my knowledge and love of Portland and make a lasting impact on people from all over the world, while getting to talk and learn from them about where they are from and where their travels have taken them.” For Lauren personally, she definitely feels the benefit of giving back by volunteering.

When groups come back from an event,they are always excited about what they just experienced, tell us about the great time they had, or share particular stories with us at the front desk. Lauren also has a very memorable story about a pub crawl night to share: “The group that night was a young high energy group that was very excited to hit the town and get some beers. We had a night full of laughs and getting lost a few times between the three brewpubs. But the best part was when the tour was over they did not want to end the night, so I took them all to my favorite karaoke bar, the Boiler Room. Since it was a Sunday night the bar was not that hopping, but they did not even care. Every one of them got up there and sang a song and we all danced the night away! Such a fun night!”

Thanks for volunteering for our hostel and giving travelers the opportunity to experience ‘your Portland’ Lauren!

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