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Staff Picks: Torello’s favorite food cart

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How about some Korean tacos?

Food Carts can be found all over Portland – it’s part of Portland’s culture! Find them in parking lots, on sidewalks, or parks – in groups or standing alone. You’ll find a great variety of food – from European style (Greek, Mediterranean, Polish, German, Bosnian, etc.), to Ethiopian and many variations of Asian food (Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Korean, etc.).

Torello’s favorite food cart is in walking distance to our hostel. It’s called ‘Korean Twist’ and “they serve the best Korean Tacos”, says Torello. This little white cart is located on SW 10th and Washington. It’s a 12 minute walk from the hostel. It’s fairly inexpensive, ginormous, and tasty. “For $6 you get 3 amazing tacos, rice, and salad or kimchee. The meats were all seasoned just right and mixed with gochujang, bean sprouts and cilantro which enhances it even more. The women working behind the counter are really nice.”, says Torello.

Get the 3 taco combo (spicy pork, spicy chicken, bulgogi) and a “burst of flavor permeates through every single taste bud in your mouth”. You are vegetarian? No problem, get the tofu tacos.

Food carts are a part of the culinary experience of Portland and they are a quick, inexpensive, and delicious! Perfect for travelers!

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