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Dinner @ the Hostel

Sunday, February 13, 2011

“I just love food”, Gregory

One of our weekly hostel events is ‘Kitchen Connection’, it’s a dinner at the hostel. We have changing menus from spaghetti and ‘make your own burrito’ to homemade Greek cuisine. Hostellers are always excited about the range of culinary delights.
One of our volunteers who makes this event possible is Gregory. He’s from Greece and discovered his passion for cooking when he was only 10 years old: “I just went to the fridge, grabbed some stuff and started”. The result was Spaghetti with cream sauce.

He was always watching his grandmother cooking for the whole family and associates preparing a meal with being among nice people, chat and enjoy a dinner together.

Gregory is cooking, following his grandma’s recipes for our hostel guests, twice a month and you’ll find the dates under

Thanks for the delicious dinners @ our hostel Gregory!

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